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Jump Academy

First Training Starts
On June 29th

Start Your 1-Year Journey to Success
+ Single Jumps
+ Rippon Single Jumps
+ Single Jumps Combinations
+ Single Jumps on Ice
+ Axel
+ Rippon Axel
+ Axel Combinations
+ Axel on Ice
+ Double Jumps
+ Rippon Double Jumps
+ Double Jumps Combinations
+ Double Jumps on Ice
+ Master Double Axel
+ Rippon Double Axel
+ Double Axel Combinations
+ Double Axel on Ice
+ Triple Jumps
+ Rippon Triple Jumps
+ Triple Jumps Combinations
+ Triple Jumps on Ice
Choose Your Jumping Level
Group Live Jump Classes Every Saturday & Sunday

7-Day FREE Trial

No Matter Your Location & Time Zone
Where Beginner Skaters Of All Ages Master the Basics and Single Jumps Off-ice
Perfect for Skaters Of All Ages Who've Mastered Single Jumps and Are Ready for the Axel Off-ice
For Skaters Off All Ages Who Have Axel Off-ice And Are Ready For Learning Double Jumps
Where Skaters With Fully Rotated Double Jumps And Ready For Mastering Double Axel Off-ice
Where Skaters With Fully Rotated Double Axel And Ready For Mastering Triple Jumps Off-ice
Enroll Now If You Are:

Swipe right to discover
Independent Learner
If you're eager to enhance your off-ice skills independently, gain a deeper understanding of effective techniques for jumps and spins, this offer is crafted to empower your learning journey.
Competitive Skater
For competitive skaters facing challenges with multirotational jumps and striving for more consistency.
Adult Skater
Unlock your full potential as an adult skater with the guidance of world-class coaches. Our program is designed to support your aspirations and refine your skills on and off the ice.
Roller Skater
Unlock your full potential as a roller skater with the guidance of world-class coaches. Our program is designed to support your aspirations and refine your jumping and spinner skills.
Impressive Results Of Our Students
Why Choose VSA's Jump Academy?
VSA's Jump Academy is a self-paced,
year-round training program designed to help you achieve more on your own schedule. Graduate from one level to the next as you progress with VSA's world-class coaches.
  • Expert Instruction
    Our experienced coaches are here to guide you every step of the way. You'll receive personalized instruction to ensure you're on the path to success.
  • Proven Results
    Many skaters of all ages have already achieved remarkable progress through VSA's Jump Academy. Join them in reaching your full potential.
  • Community Support
    Connect with fellow jumpers in our vibrant and supportive community. Share your experiences, ask questions, and celebrate your achievements together.
How It Works
We offer an affordable monthly fee structure, making it easy for you to access our expert coaching and flexible training options. Pause your subscription for up to 2 training days each month
if needed.
Select Your Level
Begin by selecting the level that best matches your current skating skills
Once you've chosen your level, simply enroll in our program
Start Training
With enrollment complete, you're ready to dive into your training
Level Up
When you've successfully accomplished your current jumping level, you can seamlessly transition to the next one—all for the same fee
100% Satisfaction From VSA'S Jump
Academy Alumni
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Contact us if you have any questions
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