July 4, 2022
1-Day Summer Live
Training Camp

for all ages & skill levels

1-Day Summer Live Training Camp

July 7, 2022
for all ages & skill levels

1-Day Live Off-Ice Camp
starts on July 4, 2022
Join an intense training day to level up your jumps, conditioning and performance with VSA Coaches
Coach Paul
Figure Skating Coach
Coach Alana
Figure Skating Coach
Coach Katya
Ballet Teacher

1-Day Camp Schedule

As a part of the 7-Day Summer Camp
July 4 | Monday
10 - 11 am EDT (4 - 5 pm CET) - Off-ice Training with Coach Alana

15-minute break

11.15 am - 12.15 pm EDT (5.15 - 6.15 pm CET) - Resistance band class with Coach Paul

15-minute break

12.30 - 1.30 pm EDT (6.30 - 7.30 pm CET) - Ballet Class with Teacher Katya
All Trainings Are Live
You will need:
sneakers, a jump rope, an off-ice spinner,
a resistance band, ballet shoes
(or just socks for ballet classes)and a mat
We are proud of our work
VSA Students' Reviews
Limited spaces available
Level Up Your Skills
1 day
3 hours
of Live training sessions
3 coaches
Skaters from across the globe

just $60
1-Day Live Summer Camp
If you miss the classes, we are not able to make them up!
If you are unable to attend a class, please email us at victoryskating1@gmail.com at least 3 hours before the scheduled start time July 4, 2022. No refunds will be issued without at least 3 hours notice for cancellation.
Thank you for your understanding!
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