Online Spinner Classes
for all ages & skill levels

All you need to start is Zoom

Online Spinner Classes
for all ages & skill levels

All you need to start improving your spins is Zoom

Become The Best Skater You Can Be

You will improve in 1 hour of Zoom spinner training:
Spin positions
Centering the spins
Amount of rotations
Speed of your spins
The cost of a private spinner lesson: $45
You will need: an off-ice spinner
Duration: 1 hour
Lessons available 24/7 worldwide, no matter the location or time zone
We teach classes via Zoom/Skype/腾讯会议
We have seen the most progress and the best results from students who train with us 2+ times per week
The class is available for ONE STUDENT ONLY

VSA Spinner Coaches
Choose your coach
  • Nookiiz Luksika
    Nookiiz is a former California regional ice skating champion trained by the former U.S. junior Olympic medalist. She has been skating for over 20 years. Nookiiz teaches on-ice, off-ice and spinner classes at VSA.
  • Helen Severyna
    Coach Helen is a former Junior National Team's member. Helen has been skating over 20 years. Helen specializes in spinner and flexibility sessions for figure skaters of all ages and skill levels. Try it out to make your spins brilliant!
  • Jira Jiratchaya
    Jira is a former California regional ice skating champion. She has been skating for over 20 years. She had been competing in the U.S. and Asia. Coach Jira has 6 years of coaching experience. Jira specializes in spinner practice and flexibility for skaters.
  • Paul Savinov
    Coach Paul has over 10 years of coaching experience. He is based in Slovenia. Paul has a Bachelor's degree in Figure skating, as well as two ISU Development Camps as an assistant coach. He participated in three Junior World Championships and one EYOF.
  • Alana Toktarova
    Coach Alana is a former Kazakhstan National figure skating Champion. She used to train in Brian Orser's Team in Canada and Team Tutberidze. Alana specialises in jump conditioning with emphasis on explosive power.
  • Miriam Abdulkarimova
    Miriam is the winner of the National Cup of Ukraine. She has a Bachelor's degree in figure skating and a Master's Degree in pedagogy. Miriam was an assistant coach in
    Linda van Troyen's Team in Switzerland.
VSA Classes
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VSA Students
Practice Makes Progress!

Additionally, we offer a group
spinner class every Tuesday
We would recommend an Edea Off-ice Spinner for VSA Spinner Classes
Spin Positions which you will be able to master over your private spinner class:
> Scratch Spin
> Sit Spin
> Camel Spin
> Broken Leg Spin
> Pancake Spin
> Illusion Spin
> Biellmann Spin and more
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