The Story of VSA
The story of Victory Skating Academy begins in Minsk, Belarus, my hometown and the place where I started my career as a figure skating coach.
As a young adult, I found my passion: I coached several kids of different ages and skating abilities, and I loved it! However, the hours were long and days to rest were few. It wasn't long before I began feeling like I was stuck in a rut. Deep down, I knew that I wanted more – to share the joy of figure skating with students from around the world, helping them cultivate the same lifelong love of the sport that I cherish.

And then one day, during open skating time at my local ice rink, opportunity knocked.
I'm fond of practicing in the evenings, when inexperienced beginners, parents with children or noisy teenagers come to the rink to have fun and forget about their daily routines for a little while. During this time, I would work with my students, helping them master my favorite jumps. On this particular evening, I was proud to see one of my hardworking students finally land an especially difficult jump. We had worked together for weeks, discussing her mistakes and helping her learn the proper technique. My student was proud, too, and after practice she ran with enthusiasm to tell her family about how all of her hard work had paid off.

That's when a woman called out to me. She was Canadian and the mother of a young girl; they both had observed my coaching session. The mother asked me if I could work with her daughter, who was a great fan of figure skating. The girl shared that while she loved skating, she had always been afraid of jumps. As we worked together, and as she improved so much as a skater, I was grateful to have found such an interesting and diligent student. That experience, working with my new Canadian student, helped me realize that borders and distance shouldn't stop a skilled and passionate coach from sharing her love for figure skating with the world and her students reach their fullest potential.
From that moment, Victory Skating Academy – an innovative online platform connecting coaches and skaters worldwide – was born.

Our Values

  • 1
    We are a global skating family that values diversity.
  • 2
    We always do the right thing. With precision, pace and passion.
  • 3
    We trust each other and have fun winning together.
  • 4
    We own and shape our future.
  • 5
    We create sustainable growth. For All.

Our Mission

To provide our students with professional guidance, priceless experience and supportive environment while helping them master the sport of figure skating. We are eager to enrich the lives of our students by helping them to reach their fullest potential and to break down any barriers or fears. Our cherished dream is to popularize figure skating all over the world.

Hall of Fame